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HOUSTON -The National Collegiate Ath letic Association out-trumped the U niversity of Texas Monday at the NCAA convention in Houston when it announced that voting on proposals governing television rights would occur Tuesday despite legal action taken by the U niversity. The U niversity surprised delegates at the 76th annual convention by announcing that a restraining order had been issued by Judge Charles Mathews of 200th D istrict Court in Austin that prohibited discussion or a vote on
more » ... am endm ents 45 , 46 and 47 to the NCAA constitution -key proposals that would give the NCAA tighter control of tele vision rights in all forms if approved at Tues d ay's business session. However, by 4 p.m. Monday, NCAA attor ney Jim George in Austin had sought a re straining order from 250th D istrict Court Judge Harley R. Clark Jr. that overturned M athew s' earlier order. " All I did w as dissolve the restraining or d er," Clark said. "They (UT) could try to get a restraining order from som e other court, but it's highly unlikely." 4 V Page 2 D THE DAILY TEXAN □ Tuesday, January 12, 1982 mocha almond chocolate cake Li's \inis Cafe 21th A San Antonio m WEEKEND REVIEW Sharpen your a b i l i t i e s in t h e f i v e major test areas. T w enty two class hours w it h 5 expert instructors.
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