Evaluation of the Observance of Radiation Protection Principles in Intensive Care Units at Imam Reza Hospital of Kermanshah

Mohammad Rasoul Tohidniya, Fatemeh Amiri, Karim Khoshgard, Zeinab Hormozi Moghadam
2017 Payavard Salamat  
and Aim: More than 80% of patients need to take x-rays during their diagnosis and treatment stages. Due to the biological effects of ionizing radiation, observance of radiation protection principles are necessary. The observance of radiation protection principles in intensive care units at Imam Reza hospital of Kermanshah in 2014 was evaluated in this study. Materials and Methods: In this cross-sectional study which was performed by census method, performance of 38 radiographers working in
more » ... t center was investigated regarding the following of the principles of radiation protection in respect of patients, nurses, radiographers, and other clients in intensive care units. Data collection tool included a questionnaire and a checklist of 31 principles of radiation protection. Results: The overall level of observance of radiation protection principles in intensive care units was at an appropriate level (94.7%) in 36 radiographies. The highest and lowest levels of principle observance of radiographers were in respect to themselves (94.7%) and nurses in the intensive care units and other clients (26.3%), respectively. Conclusion: According to results in this study, radiation protection principles observance by radiographers during portable radiography examinations respect of themselves is appropriate but respect of other nurses is not satisfactory. It seems that it can be improved to 100% of the optimum level by equipping intensive care units to protective equipment, setting some obligations to use them, and controlling and continuous monitoring of protective measures of radiographers.
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