Quality traits of carcass sides and meat of Moravka and Mangalitsa pig breeds

M. Petrovic, C. Radovic, N. Parunovic, M. Mijatovic, D. Radojkovic, S. Aleksic, N. Stanisic, M. Popovac
2010 Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry  
Objective of this paper was to evaluate phenotypic variability of carcass side traits and quality of meat of fatteners (male castrated heads) of Moravka breed (M) and Mangalitsa (swallow-belly Mangalitsa -LM). The quantity and content of meat were determined based on dissection of left carcass sides (Walstra and Merkus, 1996) . Also, nutritive properties of musculus longissimus dorsi (m.l.d.) were established. Obtained data were processed using GLM procedure of the program package SAS 9.1.3
more » ... Inst. Inc., 2002Inc., -2003. Results of the study show that Moravka fatteners had longer carcass sides (+6.82 and + 5.00 cm) compared to Mangalitsa breed, corrected to average body weight at slaughtering. Fatteners of M breed had in average higher total mass of back-loin part (+0.685, P<0.05) and average quantity of muscles in the same part of carcass side (+0.631 kg, P<0.01), compared to fatteners of LM breed. Also, they had higher quantity of muscle in belly-rib part (+0.237 kg, P<0.05) compared to LM. Share of muscle tissue in back-loin and belly-rib carcass side parts corrected for WCC, was higher in M carcass sides than in LM (P<0.01). Conversely, muscle tissue content in shoulders of Mangalitsa was higher (+4.8% ; P<0.05) than in Moravka. Share of muscle tissue in carcass sides of M pigs was by 4.3% higher compared to LM carcass sides. In m.l.d. of Moravka water content was higher (+6.1%, P<0.01), content of total lipids (-6.5%, P<0.05) and cholesterol (-19.68 mg/100 g, P<0.001) was lower than in Mangalitsa.
doi:10.2298/bah1002021p fatcat:fv4patlwdnflhnuqolw2l5k62m