Research of a material and structural solution in the area of conventional soil processing

P Novák, M Müller, P Hrabě
2014 Agronomy Research   unpublished
Sustainability in the area of agricultural commodities production depends on soil processing. Ploughshare is one of the most strained parts of a ploughing body and huge requirements are put on it. It has to meet relatively high strength requirements on one hand and high wear resistance on the other hand. The aim of the research is to increase the service life of the ploughing body by means a structural and material solution. Increasing the service life of a ploughshare by means of overlaying is
more » ... ns of overlaying is a much discussed topic. The types of overlay materials of carbides (Soudokay A43-0, OK Tubrodur 14.70, OK Tubrodur 15.82) and martensitic (Filarc PZ 6159) were used. Further, new a functional surface was distinguished for reinforcement of the ploughshare cutting edge. A method of size and mass analysis in field tests was chosen for measurements of the ploughshares service life.