Superoxide dismutase (EC, manganese and the effect of ethanol in adult and foetal rats

I. E. Dreosti, Susan J. Manuel, R. A. Buckley
1982 British Journal of Nutrition  
I. The activity of manganese-superoxide dismutase (EC I .15. I . I ; SOD) was increased in the livers and kidneys of adult rats after exposure to aqueous ethanol (200 ml/l) for 32 weeks. 2. The concentration of Mn in the livers and kidneys was significantly higher after 24 weeks, and by 32 weeks liver copper and zinc levels were lower. 3. The activity of foetal (day 19) liver superoxide dismutase was appreciably higher in offspring from dams receiving ethanol during pregnancy. Quantitatively
more » ... . Quantitatively the response appeared to be almost entirely due to the Mn-SOD form of the enzyme. 4. Maternal alcoholism during pregnancy had no effect on the levels of Cu, Mn or Zn in foetal (day 19) livers.
doi:10.1079/bjn19820106 pmid:6889437 fatcat:fa7nsbs6ezdghbdqvkhkwishzm