Frame Scrambling Algorithm for Video Surveillance Systems

D. Sathya Srinivas, Dr. S. Veni
2015 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
In the recent years the increasing demand for security has proportionately pushed up the widespread use of digital video surveillance systems. The video surveillance system in use in strategic places such as the public transportation, airports, city centres, or residential areas has increased the safety and security of people or property in the monitored areas.The general public are becoming increasingly worried about theerosion of their rights of privacy.Moreover, the storage systems in which
more » ... he data is stored rely on the untrusted server for data integrity and access control. Moreover, the server often does not guarantee data integrity and only implements access control. As hackers nowadays are able to manipulate the system and get access to sensitive data stored in a server security guarantees such as integrity and authenticity have become more relevant not only for the server but also for data stored in the server. If integrity is not protected, a hacker could modify video data in a way that intentionally damages the reputation of persons. A solution to a hacker intrusion into the visual privacy is encryption of objects that reveal identities and still allow decryption for legitimate security needs at any time in the future. In this paper, the researchers propose an algorithm based on graph coloring technique to scramble frame sequences and the content of frames in video surveillance videos. The proposed model has been implemented and tested with cat, visiontraffic and canteen videos. The results of experiments show that the entire content of frames can be distorted and thus,make indecipherable while providing with a good level of security. Furthermore, the proposed algorithm does not require any algorithm to identify the region of interest and video inpainting algorithm to erase privacy information from video.
doi:10.17577/ijertv4is090617 fatcat:rfaatn76brc4thvuth2td3ow4e