Spacelike branes

Michael Gutperle, Andrew Strominger
2002 Journal of High Energy Physics  
Scalar field theories with appropriate potentials in Minkowski space can have time-dependent classical solutions containing topological defects which correspond to S-branes - i.e. branes all of whose tangential dimensions are spacelike. It is argued that such S-branes arise in string theory as time-dependent solutions of the worldvolume tachyon field of an unstable D-brane or D-brane-anti-D-brane pair. Using the known coupling of the spacetime RR fields to the worldvolume tachyon it is shown
more » ... t these S-branes carry a charge, defined as the integral of a RR field strength over a sphere (containing a time as well as spatial dimensions) surrounding the S-brane. This same charge is carried by SD-branes, i.e. Dirichlet branes arising from open string worldsheet conformal field theories with a Dirichlet boundary condition on the timelike dimension. The corresponding SD-brane boundary state is constructed. Supergravity solutions carrying the same charges are also found for a few cases.
doi:10.1088/1126-6708/2002/04/018 fatcat:mhncm6h4lfhfnocn5ty5b2ma3e