Tun Pupils' Magazine of Jbeil Orphanage։ an Attempt of National Reconstruction

Narine Margaryan
2021 Ցեղասպանագիտական հանդես  
The three-year issues of Tun [Home] pupils' magazine of the Near East Relief's Jbeil (Lebanon) orphanage have been researched and analyzed in this paper. The article has studied the papers written by orphans sometimes based on emotions, patriotism, and sometimes on realistic approaches. By analyzing and summarizing the papers this article aims at better understanding the nationalistic atmosphere in the orphanage, the feelings of the children and the steps undertaken to overcome the consequences
more » ... and hardships of the Genocide. Summarizing the content of the papers published in 34 issues of the journal, the article concludes that Tun with its articles on literature and national feelings, pieces of evidence about homeland and the years of Genocide had a special meaning for the orphans. Through the articles the orphans of Jbeil made unique attempt of national reconstruction, which contributed to their eff orts to overcome the trauma of Genocide. Among the papers were articles about the events of April 24 and dedicated to the memory of martyrs, articles on the Armenian language, literature and folklore, and the Armenian spiritual values sharing them with the younger generation through reading and reciting.
doi:10.51442/jgs.0002 fatcat:dnuz4t6ilffvdg5qkx6l7lpezi