Effects of the types of error, proficiency level of the learners and nature of the recasts on the uptake of learners

Yuksel Dogan, Inan-Karagul Banu, Fidan Dilek
2017 Educational Research and Reviews  
This current study examined the effects of the type of errors learners make (that is, phonological, lexical and grammar), proficiency level of the learners (that is, A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1) and nature of the recasts (that is, long and short) on the uptake of the learners. The data of this study came from the video-recordings of A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1-level of Turkish as a Second Language (TSL) classes. 60-h data have been transcribed and analyzed by the researchers. Here, qualitative methods of
more » ... tative methods of data collection was employed in this multi-case research along with quantitative methods of data analysis, when necessary, to examine the relations between and among the constructs. Analysis of the study revealed that the learners had a higher percentage of uptake rate against phonological errors (with significant difference); C1 level learners had the highest percentage of the uptake rate (with significant difference) and long recasts yielded a higher percentage of the uptake (but with no significant difference between recast types). Thereafter, findings of this research are compared with those of other prominent studies.
doi:10.5897/err2017.3367 fatcat:lensvk4vhvdq7hqlq7opro2wue