Tanaji Shinde, Aditya Yadav, Anamika Pol, Apeksha Kamble
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
In automatic transmission we generally use the centrifugal clutch which gives us the transmission efficiency of 76%. In recent practice it does not make any difference to travelling but in other way there are some losses in it. Of course, it is not major but we losses 24 % of engine power. In actual practice it is not possible to get 100 % efficiency, but we can reach nearer to it. By using fluid coupling it will extracted up to 85%. So that we can minimize the losses of engine power, this is
more » ... stified experimentally, we get the efficiency up to 82% at higher load. The efficiency increased by 5 %. Fluid coupling uses the rotation which is loosed during the start up of centrifugal clutch that is first 1000 rpm. Hence, with little modification of centrifugal clutch with fluid coupling we can increase the efficiency of transmission up to 82 %. As we used a standard type of fluid coupling and we get this efficiency. With proper design and manufacturing will result up to 87 % transmission efficiency.