Estimation of Cutoff Values by Using Regression Lines Method in Mishrif Reservoir/ Missan oil Fields

Mohammed Salih Al Jawad, Baraa Ziad Tariq
2019 Engineering Journal  
Net pay is one of the most important parameters used in determining initial oil in place of a reservoir. It can be delineated through the using of limiting values of the petrophysical properties of the reservoir. Those limiting values are named as the cutoff. This paper provides an insight into the application of regression line method in estimating porosity, clay volume and water saturation cutoff values in Mishrif reservoir/ Missan oil fields. The study included 29 wells distributed in seven
more » ... ilfields of Halfaya, Buzurgan, Dujaila, Noor, Fauqi, Amara and Kumait. This study is carried out by applying two types of linear regressions: Least square and Reduce Major Axis Regression. The Mishrif formation was divided into three main units. They are MA, MB, and MC. The methods were applied to each unit of Mishrif formation individually and as one unit. The division of Mishrif formation into subunits led to a great improvement in the accuracy of the porosity-permeability correlations. The Results indicated that the regression lines method of defining cutoffs gives unrealistic values with the common assumption of permeability cutoff = 0.1 md. Another assumption for permeability cutoff = 1 is made and it was chosen due to lithology and hydrocarbon type which are limestone and oil respectively. This assumption led to more realistic and higher porosity cutoff and smaller water saturation and clay volume cutoff values using the two types of regression lines.
doi:10.31026/j.eng.2019.02.06 fatcat:htgkk2wd75aqtjjmxrrz4cbsaa