Fault Diagnosis in Multi Phase Induction Machine using Mind Evolution Computation Algorithm Optimized Neural Network

2020 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
This article proposes a new solution method for diagnosing faults in a multi phase induction motor using least mean square filter (LMS) and a new hybrid neural network with mind evolution computation algorithm. The entire procedure for teaching an artificial neural network (ANN) is popularly thought of among the toughest activities in system learning and also it has lately attracted lots of research workers. The proposed hybrid fault diagnosing method includes an efficient feature extractor
more » ... ature extractor based on LMS and a fault classifier based on a hybrid neural network. First, the LMS method is used to extract the effective features. The mind evolution computation algorithm is employed to train the neural network. The performance and efficiency of the presented hybrid neural network classifier is estimated by testing a total of 600 samples, which are modeled on the basis of the failure model. The average correct classification with and without mind evolution computation algorithm is about 98% and 96.17% for various fault signals respectively. The outcome got from the simulation analysis shows the potency of the proposed hybrid neural network for fault diagnosis in multi phase induction motor.
doi:10.35940/ijeat.c5634.029320 fatcat:ehsnkqa4bbfgtelkp2jwslpzru