New Agricultural Inventions

1877 Scientific American  
This invention relates to lagging Prescott Webb, Greenleaf, Minn.-A base plate is attached to the top of or covering to be applied to pipes and boilers to prevent the radiation of IMPROVED SCALE PAN. the yoke, and extends by a circular part around the hole provided for the heat; and it consists of an envelope of one or tW ? thickn � sses of ordinary I Edward M. Whyler, Hays City, Kan.-The onter part or scoop of the pan : passage of the bo , : en � , and gnides �� a socket a sliding bolt that is
more » ... liding bolt that is moved straw beard separated from the surface of the bOIler or pIpe. Cheapness is made in the general form of a section of a hollow cone, and the other by a stud and retamed m locked pesltlOn by an L-shaped slot. The bolt of material, which may be straw board or even straw rope, and the ease part is made in the general form of a hollow cone, with a part of one si d e i passes through a lateral hole of the bow and into a socket at a point diaof obtaining, are some of the recommendations of this invention. cut away. To the apex of the part cut away, and in the opening thus metrically opposite to socket. The bolt may be made spring.acted, if IMPROVED METALLIC CO U NTER FO R BOOTS AND SHOES. formed, is secured a short tube which serves as a fnnnel for pouring sub-desired. This is a simple and reliable deyice for fastening ox bows to the stances weighed into bags and boxe.,. For pouring substances into yoke, so as to readily admit putting on of the bows to and taking off of Ira O. Mann and George R. Rankin, Lake City, Ocl.-This invention is an improved metallic ontside boot counter that prevents the crushing down or running over of the heel, protects the back of the boot against wear, bottles, cans, and othernarrow·monthed vessels, a detachable funnel is the frame from the yoke and the necks of the oxen. fi tted to the tnbe. protects the eye seam, keeps the boot in proper shape, and the inner counter dry, gives support to the ankle of the wearer, and adds to the symmetry William J. Hill, Matteson, I1l.-Theobjectof this invention is to provide of the boot instead of detracting from the same. This invention is intenda convenient portable bathing apparatus, which may be used in localitIes ed to furnhh a boot to miners, lumbermen, farmers, etc., that will suswhere water is not distributed thro)lghout dwellings in pipes as in the tain severe wear and tear, and at the same time preserve its shape and larger cities and towns. A reservoir made of any suitable material is adperform its office nntil the boots shonld be otherwise worn ant. justed to any convenient height and is filled with water, when it is raised
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican08251877-122a fatcat:b72aeny5lbbotk6ifuuqq3zuhi