A Search for Brown Dwarfs around Young Solar-Analog Stars Using the Hōkūpa'a/Gemini Adaptive Optics System

Daniel E. Potter, Eduardo L. Martín, Michael C. Cushing
2003 Symposium - International astronomical union  
We present the results of a search for low-mass companions around a sample of young, solar-analog stars using the Hōkūpa'a adaptive optics instrument mounted on the Gemini North 8 m telescope. Out of 31 stars observed, one binary brown dwarf system was found as a companion to the star HD 130948 (HIP 72567), as confirmed by proper motion and near-IR spectra. Orbital motion between the two brown dwarfs was measured, but our 14 month time baseline is inadequate to accurately measure the system's
more » ... namical mass. Upcoming spectroscopic observations of the brown dwarfs will measure their lithium absorption lines to provide a more accurate age estimate of the system. The eventual dynamical mass determination coupled with the age determination will provide a valuable check of brown dwarf evolutionary models.
doi:10.1017/s007418090021070x fatcat:xxr726nlbzgdrgaujg6g2fyzwu