Weighted W 1, p (·)-Regularity for Degenerate Elliptic Equations in Reifenberg Domains

Junqiang Zhang, Dachun Yang, Sibei Yang
2021 Advances in Nonlinear Analysis  
Let w be a Muckenhoupt A 2(ℝ n ) weight and Ω a bounded Reifenberg flat domain in ℝ n . Assume that p (·):Ω → (1, ∞) is a variable exponent satisfying the log-Hölder continuous condition. In this article, the authors investigate the weighted W 1, p (·)(Ω, w)-regularity of the weak solutions of second order degenerate elliptic equations in divergence form with Dirichlet boundary condition, under the assumption that the degenerate coefficients belong to weighted BMO spaces with small norms.
doi:10.1515/anona-2021-0206 fatcat:hycrb7kad5ar7hrawllv45aboa