The gold standard in diabetic foot treatment: total contact cast
Estándar de oro en el manejo del pie diabético: yeso de contacto total

Adriana Lozano-Platonoff, Melissa Desireé Florida Mejía-Mendoza, Mónica Ibáñez-Doria, José Contreras-Ruiz
Gaceta Médica de México  
In patients with diabetes, foot complications remain one of the main health issues, with ulcers representing one of the most common. These ulcerations originate from repetitive trauma on a foot with neuropathy. Inadequate care of the diabetic foot may lead to one of the gravest complications of the diabetic foot: amputation. The key to the treatment of the diabetic foot is the control of comorbidities (glucose levels and vascular disease), debridement, exudate control with the available modern
more » ... e available modern dressings, treatment of infection, and offloading the affected foot. A common error in this basic treatment is the method used for offloading, leading to delayed healing as a result, and maybe even amputation. For this purpose we propose the total contact cast considered the "gold standard" in diabetic foot offloading. The objective of the present review is to present the existing evidence in the medical literature on the effectiveness of its use for healing diabetic foot ulcers and hence preventing amputations.
pmid:24481432 fatcat:2tervquwubfw3boip4wankklae