Conveyor-mode single-electron shuttling in Si/SiGe for a scalable quantum computing architecture

Inga Seidler, Tom Struck, Ran Xue, Niels Focke, Stefan Trellenkamp, Jörg Bluhm, Lars R. Schreiber
2022 npj Quantum information 8(1)  
Small spin-qubit registers defined by single electrons confined in Si/SiGe quantum dots operate successfully and connecting these would permit scalable quantum computation. Shuttling the qubit carrying electrons between registers is a natural choice for highfidelity coherent links provided the overhead of control signals stays moderate. Our proof-of-principle demonstrates shuttling of a single electron by a propagating wave-potential in an electrostatically defined 420 nm long Si/SiGe
more » ... annel. This conveyor-mode shuttling approach requires independent from its length only four sinusoidal control signals. We discuss the tuning of the signal parameters, detect the smoothness of the electron motion enabling the mapping of potential disorder and observe a high single-electron shuttling fidelity of 99.42 ± 0.02% including a reversal of direction. Our shuttling device can be readily embedded in industrial fabrication of Si/SiGe qubit chips and paves the way to solving the signal-fanout problem for a fully scalable semiconductor quantum-computing architecture.
doi:10.18154/rwth-2022-08839 fatcat:exastu6su5elzpyftb356hp3cy