Denis DEDOV, Alexandr SIUKHIN, Artem OBUKHOV
2019 Transport Problems  
The quality of the roadway has a significant impact on the ability of drivers to drive their vehicles. Violation of the integrity of the coating, its geometrical parameters (shape), and the condition of the surface of the coating adversely affect the behavior of drivers, does not allow for correct driving of the vehicle, and leads to the occurrence of traffic accidents of varying severity. The current problem in the implementation of road construction works is to increase the level of
more » ... level of automation of construction equipment and increase the accuracy of profiling. The article considers the main types of leveling systems, the scope of their application, advantages, and disadvantages. Based on the conducted analysis, the recommendations are formulated for the developed automated leveling system, its structure, and principles of functioning. The main components of the leveling system, their functions, and the connections between them are considered. The scientific novelty of this article is to develop an original algorithm for the functioning of an automated leveling system. It includes the main stages of the profiling process: installation by a laser plane, determination of its position, adjustment of the position of the working element of construction equipment, and differs due to the necessary mathematical support for the implementation of the laser plane control process. The algorithm allows one to develop software that implements the basic operations of managing the profiling process. ,
doi:10.20858/tp.2019.14.3.5 fatcat:qnx4gpkgaje5bbvqpgdeomezlm