Complexity analysis of a unifying algorithm for model checking Interval Temporal Logic

Laura Bozzelli, Angelo Montanari, Adriano Peron
2020 Information and Computation  
The model-checking (MC) problem of Halpern and Shoham Interval Temporal Logic (HS) has been recently investigated in some papers and is known to be decidable. An intriguing open question concerns the exact complexity of the problem for full HS: it is at least EXPSPACE-hard, while the only known upper bound is non-elementary and is obtained by exploiting an abstract representation of Kripke structure paths called descriptors. In this paper we generalize the approach by providing a uniform
more » ... rk for model-checking full HS and meaningful (almost maximal) fragments, where a specialized type of descriptor is defined for each fragment. We then devise a general MC alternating algorithm parameterized by the type of descriptor which has a polynomially bounded number of alternations and whose running time is bounded by the length of minimal representatives of descriptors (certificates). We analyze the time complexity of the algorithm and give, by non-trivial arguments, tight bounds on the length of certificates. For two types of descriptors, we obtain exponential upper and lower bounds which lead to an elementary MC algorithm for the related HS fragments. For the other types of descriptors, we provide non-elementary lower bounds. This last result addresses a question left open in some papers regarding the possibility of fixing an elementary upper bound on the size of the descriptors for full HS.
doi:10.1016/j.ic.2020.104640 fatcat:alp76uf7ureqnpcfa6kmgc3ue4