Publicly Verifiable Outsourcing Computation for QR Decomposition Based on Blockchain

Huimin Wang, Dong Zheng, Qinglan Zhao, Jianting Ning
2021 Security and Communication Networks  
In the Big Data Era, outsourcing computation has become increasingly significant as it supplies computation resources for clients with limited resources. However, there are still many security challenges such as payment fairness, privacy protection, and verification. In this paper, we propose a secure publicly verifiable outsourcing computation scheme for the large-scale matrix QR decomposition. In the proposed scheme, client can pay for outsourcing services through blockchain-based payment
more » ... em which achieves the payment fairness. Moreover, to protect privacy, both permutation matrix and block diagonal matrix are applied in encryption process. Meanwhile, to achieve the public verification, the computational complexity is reduced by using the matrix digest technology. It is worth mentioning that our scheme is provable and secure under the co-CDH assumption.
doi:10.1155/2021/6632518 fatcat:ko3yrcp5lfgjtjqw7g5bewklju