The Influence of the "Controlled Chaos" Technology on the Geopolitical Situation in the Greater Middle East

Leyla Suleymanova
2017 Open Journal of Political Science  
The "theory of controlled chaos" popular in the Western political science, stipulates that the existing social systems in the countries of North Africa, should be disintegrated and intermingled. Such a policy conducted by some states can result in voluntary subjugation of the countries of North Africa to their interests. The recent developments in the countries of the Greater Middle East leading to the "new revolutionary wave" clearly prove that these "color" revolutions are not civil domestic
more » ... not civil domestic conflicts, rather, they have obviously commenced as the outcome of some trends in global politics. The article outlines the techniques of such revolutions which embrace psychological and organizational devices, patters and schemes. The article deals with the political device targeted at shattering the integrity of traditional oriental societies and splitting them into tiny fractions. Such a technique facilitates creation of a major human tool of any "color revolution"-"the political mob" of disoriented citizens capable to trigger the destabilization process in the countries of Maghreb.
doi:10.4236/ojps.2017.72015 fatcat:xsob3o7l5zf5leirm4epf6npkm