Russian Competition Law in Light of the Principles of Ex Post and Ex Ante

Konstantin Totyev
2014 Social Science Research Network  
This article is devoted to the legitimation and application of the standards of ex post and ex ante by courts and the executive authorities in the sphere of competition regulation. The postulates of ex post and ex ante are considered as legal principles. The principle of ex post is intended solely for judicial and administrative application; it has a deontological framework; it assumes that the legality of the activity of economic entities is assessed only on the basis of positive legal
more » ... itive legal criteria in terms of the subjective rights violated; it is limited to a particular case. The traditional approach to the principle of ex post limits the scope of its application on the subjects and excessively expands its objects. The postulate of ex ante has a utilitarian basis which assumes the assessment of the application of relevant rules in the future. One of the main aims of the article is to refute the common view of lawyers and economists that a legislator applies principle of ex ante not being bound by principle of ex post, while it is the other way around for the courts and the executive authorities. The principle of ex ante may be applied not only in the process of the creation of new rules but also at the application stage for existing rules on economic competition. This is justified because the arguments of the courts and the executive authorities about a refusal to take into account the consequences of a decision in a particular case are not convincing. JEL Classification: K21 Keywords: antitrust law; competition; competition law; principles of ex post and ex ante; rights belonging to a person (legal rights); micro-level and macro-level consequences.
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2426153 fatcat:mrzosw5l25dbvn2zpi2trpkhx4