O. Mandryk, L. Arkhypova, O. Pobigun, N. Latsyk
2018 Ekologìčna bezpeka ta zbalansovane resursokoristuvannâ  
The article substantiates the use of renewable energy sources in the sustainable tourism development of the region. Sustainable development of tourism in the Carpathian region is considered taking into account the energy and environmental impact of the traditional Ukrainian energy sources. The developed approach combines the economic profits of the tourism industry with the benefits of society since it takes into account the ecological situation and provides measures for its improvement. It is
more » ... etermined that selecting areas that are suitable for renewable energy consuming projects should consist of three stages: selecting potentially suitable areas, considering exclusion criteria, and an in-depth assessing potential sites or territories. The factors determining spatial constraints and providing essential resources for the construction of wind and solar power plants and small hydropower plants are defined, with the parameters of sustainable tourism development of the Carpathian region in view. Factors that are common to different types of power plants are as follows: availability of wind, solar or hydrological resources, local topography and existing obstacles, accessible terrain, available infrastructure, network service access point, soil properties and composition, the proximity of inhabited areas, surface openness and steepness of slope, environmental constraints, land tenure analysis, proximity of protected nature and landscape areas. Based on these studies, the GIS map of the Carpathian region is compiled showing the spatial distribution of the solar potential on a horizontal surface. Solar radiation varies with the height, steepness of the mountain slopes and other meso and micro factors, but over the examined territory the annual insolation is not less than 1000 kW/m2. The work contains recommendations related to the use of solar energy as the innovation of the tourist infrastructure; they aim at the further developing of major tourist centres and isolated settlements in the Carpathian region.
doi:10.31471/2415-3184-2018-2(18)-52-60 fatcat:4qqefrze65ht3o3abrd7mnynz4