Adaptive tactile control for in-hand manipulation tasks of deformable objects

Angel Delgado, Carlos A. Jara, Fernando Torres
2017 The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology  
Tactile sensors are key components for a robot hand system, which are usually used to 10 obtain the object's features. The use of tactile sensors to obtain information from the objects is an 11 open topic of research. In this paper, a new strategy for in-hand extraction of object's properties and 12 to control the interaction forces with robot fingers, mainly based on tactile data, is presented. The 13 scope of this strategy is to grasp and manipulate solid objects, including rigid and soft
more » ... es. 14 Assuming that the hand is in an initial configuration in which the object is grasped, the properties' 15 extraction approach is executed. After the extraction of properties is finished, the object can be 16 classified in regard to a general body listing: rigid body, soft elastic body or soft plastic object. Once 17 the object is classified, for in-hand manipulation tasks, the contact points between the object 18 grasped and the fingers are maintained using the information given by the tactile sensors in order to 19 perform manipulation tasks. Each task is defined by a sequence of basic actions, in which the 20 contact points and applied forces are adapted depending on the action to be performed, and the 21 estimated features for the object. The presented approach tries to imitate the behavior of human 22 beings, in which the applied forces by the fingers are changed when the human estimates the rigidity 23 of a body and when the fingers react to unexpected movements of the object to keep the contact 24 points. 25
doi:10.1007/s00170-017-0046-2 fatcat:v4sbo34zt5colcyrsapumvhkf4