Чижов Д. А.
2021 Zenodo  
The article substantiates that the mechanism of ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens in the field of national security at the current stage of building the rule of law has become especially relevant. The author noted that despite the theoretical validity and frequent use of the term "security mechanism", it is not used in national security legislation. The article explores and analyzes various considerations on the essence of the mechanism of human rights in general. The variety of
more » ... pretations on the definition of the concept of human rights mechanism allows the author to argue that the mechanism of human rights protection can be defined as a unified system of interacting socio-legal and other means by which the state influences legal relations between legal entities to recognize, observance and realization of human rights. Based on the analysis of scientific views on the essence of the concept of "human rights mechanism", the author concludes that the mechanism of human rights in the field of national security is a set of legal means, as well as the activities of authorized bodies (state and non-state) system of national security, independent actions of a person to protect and defend his rights and legitimate interests to exercise his right to security. The main structural elements of the mechanism of human rights in the field of national security are highlighted, namely: legal norms; activities of state bodies and officials, non-governmental organizations; activities of a person to exercise his right to security; guarantees of protection and protection of human rights. The author concluded that the organizational basis of the human rights mechanism is a system of public authorities at all levels that have the necessary material and organizational means to influence public relations in the field of human security, as well as the individual and public associations, and other institutions which have rights and responsibilities to ensure their own safety. The normative basis of the mechanism of ensuring [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5584672 fatcat:zgvgsytw55hflifhaf3fjlrvz4