Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training (B

F'·'~, Fred Lippman, Ed
The mi ssion of Nova Southeastern University, a private, not-for-profit in stitution, is to offer a diverse array of innova tive academ ic programs that compl ement o n-campus educa ti onal opportuni ties and resources w ith accessi ble, di stance-learnin g programs to foster academic excellence, intel lectu al inquiry, leadership, research, and commitment to comm unity th rough engagement of students and faculty members in a dynami c, lifelong lea rni ng environ ment. Letter from the HPD
more » ... from the HPD Chancellor OVER THE PAST two decades, NSU's Hea lth Professions Division has evo lved into a dynami c and innovative, interprofessional, academic health center th at compri ses seven co lleges (the Colleges of Osteopathic M edic ine, Pharmacy, Optometry, Medical Sciences, Dental Medicine, Hea lth Ca re Sciences, and Nursing) and more th an 50 degree and certifi cate progra ms. Our colleges and programs are nationally and internationally recognized due to our esteemed fac ulty and staff members, w ho are dedica ted to worki ng closely with students, nurturing them along as they progress through th e academic experience. When students trul y know their professors are there for them on a dail y basis, it makes a big difference in their educational experience. Our educational paradigm is both academica ll y and technologically robust. Because of thi s, we're ab le to provide our students w ith th e knowledge and ski ll s th ey w ill need to become compassi onate and dedicated hea lth ca re professionals. Our current students are fully aware and appreciative of this fact. And as a new studen t, you w ill be as wel l.