Automation of calculation of technical and operational parameters of a railway cargo terminal

I. D. Novikova, E. M. Ivanova, K. A. Zabolotskaya
2020 Transport Technician: Education and Practice  
Research is the automation of decision-making on the justification of the type of unloading section of the terminal for single-piece cargo — external or internal input of the railway track is rational according to the criterion of minimum total costs. The relevance of the research topic is associated with the widespread solution of this type of business problems in the modern conditions of the transport and warehouse market. Cargo terminals connect modes of transport and transform cargo flows,
more » ... hich determines both the key position of cargo terminals in modern supply chains, and the complexity of tasks to be solved in their design. For operational management of transport and logistics processes, it is necessary to quickly make business decisions, which can be provided by software implementation of a number of settlement procedures.Used dynamic and linear programming, syntax and tools of the Pascal ABC programming language, analytical, marketing, and project methods; materials of general access and official sites, own research.A software product for automating the calculation of technical and operational parameters of a railway cargo terminal is described. The program allows you to calculate a set of technical and economic parameters of the cargo terminal operation, in particular, the size of the annual car traffic, the required length of the railway unloading section, as well as annual operating (production) costs and capital costs for the construction of the car unloading section by options.The software product can be useful both in the educational process of secondary and higher education, and in practical business when making business decisions on planning the operation of a cargo terminal.
doi:10.46684/2687-1033.1.13 fatcat:mycterjajfgubp5aws4kseugy4