Tunable, Ultrafast Fiber-Laser between 1.15 $\mu$m and 1.35 $\mu$m for Harmonic

Hsiang-Yu Chung, Qian Cao, Rudiger Greinert, Franz X. Kartner, Guoqing Chang, Wei Liu
We demonstrate a fiber-optic ultrafast tunable source for harmonic generation microscopy (HGM) in human skin. The source is based on a 31-MHz Er-fiber laser followed byself-phase modulation enabled spectral selection (SESS). The resulting pulses are tunable between 1.15 and 1.35 μm with up to >10-nJ pulse energy and ∼100-fs pulse duration. We employ this source to drive a scanning microscope for HGM imaging of ex vivo human skin. A systematic investigation on imaging depth versus excitation
more » ... length reveals that excitation wavelengths in the 1.15–1.25 μm range exhibit low optical attenuation within the tissue and allows larger imaging depth for HGM in human skin.HGM driven by fiber-based SESS sources constitutes an enabling tool for noninvasive virtual skin biopsy in clinical applications.
doi:10.3204/pubdb-2018-02981 fatcat:nhgmmkh6bnhlpbkjiqpcpknazq