Öğrencilerin ve Öğretim Görevlilerinin Bakış Açısından Ana Dili İngilizce Olan ve Ana Dili İngilizce Olmayan Öğretmenler

Elif Nur SEZGİN, Ahmet ÖNAL
2021 Bayburt Eğitim Fakültesi Dergisi  
This study aims to find out the perceptions of both university preparatory class students and non-native English speaking instructors towards non-NESTs and NESTs. It has been carried out with 66 students studying in English preparatory classes at Süleyman Demirel University and 63 non-native English speaking instructors employed in eight different universities in Turkey. A five point Likert-type questionnaire has been employed as the data collection instrument. The questionnaire items selected
more » ... rom Çakır and Demir (2013) , Köksal (2006) and Moussu (2006) have been adapted to the context of the study. Descriptive statistics, Kruskal-Wallis and Post Hoc tests have been employed in the analysis of the data. Findings have revealed NESTs are better at teaching pronunciation and speaking; however, grammar is taught better by non-NESTs. Furthermore, students give importance to use mother tongue as learning English becomes easier for them when non-NESTs make comparisons between English and Turkish in teaching.
doi:10.35675/befdergi.869172 fatcat:uija5pzbhvekjhzsorb4tfbo6q