Difficulties in Advancement of Science and Shaping the System of Science and University as a Carrier of Technological Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dejan Milošević, Benjamin Fetić
2021 Sistem nauke-faktor poticaja ili ograničavanja razvoja   unpublished
The primary function of the university, in addition to education, is scientific research. At Bosnia and Herzegovina universities, the scientific research has been neglected. There are two basic reasons for that. The first is insufficient financial investment in science and research, and the second is an underdeveloped awareness of the importance of scientific research work, both in the society of Bosnia and Herzegovina and in universities themselves. This paper indicates what needs to be done
more » ... overcome this latter difficulty. In addition, the possibilities for improving science and shaping the science system at universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to make them research universities were analysed. Scientific research work builds on research and development work, technological development, cooperation with the economy and the development of science and technology parks. These activities are even less represented at universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina than scientific research work. This paper shows the ways how to overcome these difficulties, so that research universities become carriers of the technological development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
doi:10.5644/pi2021.200.19 fatcat:zfumj5zadfhlpl5kgaoauwbkde