Multi-gap individual and coupled split-ring resonator structures

R. S. Penciu, K. Aydin, M. Kafesaki, Th. Koschny, E. Ozbay, E. N. Economou, C. M. Soukoulis
2008 Optics Express  
We present a systematic numerical study, validated by accompanied experimental data, of individual and coupled split ring resonators (SRRs) of a single rectangular ring with one, two and four gaps. We discuss the behavior of the magnetic resonance frequency, the magnetic field and the currents in the SRRs, as one goes from a single SRR to strongly interacting SRR pairs in the SRR plane. We show that coupling of the SRRs along the E direction results to shift of the magnetic resonance frequency
more » ... o lower or higher values, depending on the capacitive or inductive nature of the coupling. Strong SRR coupling along propagation direction usually results to splitting of the single SRR resonance into two distinct resonances, associated with peculiar field and current distributions.
doi:10.1364/oe.16.018131 pmid:18958091 fatcat:mmudk3l4tvetrk2jxehui7hy74