Determination of Trace Amounts of Indium by Graphite-Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry after Preconcentration as the Acetylacetonato Complex on Activated Carbon

Jinshan WEI, Qian LIU, Tadao OKUTANI
1994 Analytical Sciences  
A rapid and simple preconcentration method by selective adsorption using activated carbon as an adsorbent and acetylacetone as a complexing agent is described for the determination of trace amounts of indium by graphite-furnace atomic absorption spectrometry. The indium-acetylacetonato complex is easily adsorbed onto activated carbon at p H 6.0 -8.0. After the activated carbon phase, the adsorbing indium-acetylacetonato complex is separated and dispersed in 5 ml of a 2%(v/v) glycerine solution
more » ... ontaining 700 µg of palladium. The resulting suspension of activated carbon is introduced directly into the graphite-furnace atomizer. The detection limit was 0.025 µg/1(s/n=3), and the relative standard deviation was 4.0 -5.0% at 1.0 µgIn/ 100 ml (n=10). This method was applied to the determination of indium in water samples and proved to be a useful technique for the preconcentration of trace amounts of indium in water samples. Keywords Graphite-furnace atomic absorption indium preconcentration spectrometry, indium-acetylacetonato complex, activated carbon,
doi:10.2116/analsci.10.465 fatcat:br7o5bgv5vbjllqpid6eks42u4