Research and Design of High Voltage Intelligent Switch Technology Based on Primary and Secondary Fusion

WANG Xiaoming, ZHOU Ke, ZHOU Wei, Li Wenwei
2019 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environment  
At present, the intelligence of high-voltage switch is mainly embodied in the application of intelligent components such as intelligent terminals. A large number of discrete components and cables are still used in the switch body and secondary circuit. It brings many difficulties to installation, debugging, operation and maintenance. In order to adapt to the development direction of digital, integrated and standardized of primary equipment, this paper proposes a high-voltage intelligent switch
more » ... cheme, which is fully integrated primary and secondary. This scheme will build multi source intelligent sensors, such as position sensor, SF6 gas sensor, current sensor, and configure intelligent control module in mechanism box and control box. The intelligent sensor realizes self-perception of equipment state, and the intelligent control module integrated with the switch mechanism body completes the local intelligent signal acquisition and control, it realizes the secondary circuit composed of optical fiber instead of cable and intelligent operation circuit instead of traditional discrete components, which greatly simplifies the traditional secondary circuit of switch, improves operation and maintenance efficiency.
doi:10.1088/1755-1315/332/4/042038 fatcat:s237uwfhsbdqtpgzj25ncp76ha