The Position, Motion, and Mass of Sgr A* [chapter]

Mark J. Reid, Karl M. Menten, Reinhard Genzel, Thomas Ott, Rainer Schdel, Andreas Brunthaler
Proceedings of the Galactic Center Workshop 2002  
We report progress on measuring the position of Sgr A* on infrared images, placing limits on the motion of the central star cluster relative to Sgr A*, and measuring the proper motion of Sgr A* itself. The position of Sgr A* has been determined to within 10 mas on infrared images. To this accuracy, the gravitational source (sensed by stellar orbits) and the radiative source (Sgr A*) are coincident. Proper motions of four stars measured both in the infrared and radio indicate that the central
more » ... that the central star cluster moves with Sgr A* to within 70 km s −1 . Finally, combining stellar orbital information with an upper limit of 8 km s −1 for the intrinsic proper motion of Sgr A* (perpendicular to the Galactic plane), we place a lower limit on the mass of Sgr A* of 4 × 10 5 M .
doi:10.1002/9783527617982.ch76 fatcat:fc2zsgaoezatvb233obnto2gey