Metal–Organic Frameworks as Versatile Platforms for Organometallic Chemistry

Fan Chen, Hannah F. Drake, Liang Feng, Joshua A. Powell, Kun-Yu Wang, Tian-Hao Yan, Hong-Cai Zhou
2021 Inorganics  
Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) are emerging porous materials with highly tunable structures developed in the 1990s, while organometallic chemistry is of fundamental importance for catalytic transformation in the academic and industrial world for many decades. Through the years, organometallic chemistry has been incorporated into functional MOF construction for diverse applications. Here, we will focus on how organometallic chemistry is applied in MOF design and modifications from
more » ... and metal-cluster-centric perspectives, respectively. Through structural design, MOFs can function as a tailorable platform for traditional organometallic transformations, including reaction of alkenes, cross-coupling reactions, and C–H activations. Besides, an overview will be made on other application categories of organometallic MOFs, such as gas adsorption, magnetism, quantum computing, and therapeutics.
doi:10.3390/inorganics9040027 fatcat:6kikeu62djeqfg747s4ke2pxma