Snowmass2021 Whitepaper: Muonium to antimuonium conversion [article]

Ai-Yu Bai, Yu Chen, Yukai Chen, Rui-Rui Fan, Zhilong Hou, Han-Tao Jing, Hai-Bo Li, Yang Li, Han Miao, Huaxing Peng, Alexey A. Petrov, Jing-Yu Tang (+10 others)
2022 arXiv   pre-print
The spontaneous muonium to antimuonium conversion is one of the interesting charged lepton flavor violation processes. It serves as a clear indication of new physics and plays an important role in constraining the parameter space beyond Standard Model. MACE is a proposed experiment to probe such a phenomenon and expected to enhance the sensitivity to the conversion probability by more than two orders of magnitude from the current best upper constraint obtained by the PSI experiment two decades
more » ... go. Recent developments in the theoretical and experimental aspects to search for such a rare process are summarized.
arXiv:2203.11406v1 fatcat:zkb65jypirg6pgzuvfcck2zw7y