Integrating fault tolerant scheme with feedback Control scheduling algorithm at software level for real time embedded systems

Oumair Naseer, Akeel Shah
2013 International Journal of Instrumentation and Control Systems  
In order to provide Quality of Service (QoS) in open and unpredictable environment, Feedback based Control Scheduling Algorithm (FCSA) is designed to keep the processor utilization at the scheduling utilization bound. FCSA controls CPU utilization by assigning task periods that optimize overall control performance, meeting deadlines even if the task execution time is unpredictable and through performance control feedback loop. Current FCSA doesn't ensure Fault Tolerance (FT) while providing QoS
more » ... in terms of CPU utilization and resource management. In order to assure that tasks should meet their deadlines even in the presence of faults, a FT scheme has to be integrated at control scheduling co-design level. This paper presents a novel approach on integrating FT scheme with FCSA for real time embedded systems. This procedure is especially important for control scheduling co-design of embedded systems.
doi:10.5121/ijics.2013.3401 fatcat:euydnn5yrfavjlkfialo37yq3q