Using food labels to evaluate the practice of nudging in a social marketing context

Clidna Soraghan, Elaine Thomson, John Ensor
2016 Social Business  
Objectives We use voluntary, front of pack (FoP) food labels to examine the practice of nudging in a social marketing context. Background With the explosion of social marketing, the goal of marketing has shifted from simply selling products, to 'selling' behaviours. Nudging is an approach used by social marketers to passively edge individuals into making certain choices. Method Thaler and Sunstein's (2008) guiding characteristics of a nudge are used in conjunction with FoP labels to critique
more » ... bels to critique the practice of nudging. Results In doing do, several practical lessons have been drawn for social marketers considering using a nudge technique. Specifically, it has been demonstrated that the use of nudging may necessitate new ethical considerations.
doi:10.1362/204440816x14811339560893 fatcat:oig5wab2k5aapgoz7bt5jzqhhq