Power quality conditioning using series active power filter to compensate flickering and unbalanced loads

D Ananth, M Srikanth
This paper presents the design and analysis of a three phase Series Active Power Filter (SEAF) based on real and reactive power (PQ) control technique for power quality improvement in electrical distribution system. The electrical distribution system contains loads like diode rectifier with resistive load and non-linear resistive-inductive (RL) load respectively. The SEAF system construction consists of three isolation transformers and three IGBT two arm bridges for voltage source inverters
more » ... ource inverters (VSI) for individual phase control and passive filter. The main aims of this paper cover design, modeling, construction and testing of a SEAF prototype for a three phase nonlinear and unbalanced system. This system is capable to mitigate voltage and current harmonics at low voltage distribution system. The control scheme is designed for absorbing higher order harmonics and stores the same in capacitor and reverts to system in the form of fundamental waveform, thereby filtering action was done. The controllers based on d-q-0 transformation technique and first order transfer function model with three individual PWM controllers for three phases was applied to the SEAF. The proposed system is verified using MATLAB/SIMULINK and compares the difference in performance without and with SEAF.