Exploring Causal Relationship between IT Management Maturity and IT Effects -A Field Study in Akita Prefecture-

Shuhei KUDO
2015 International Journal of Japan Association for Management Systems  
The purpose of this study is to explore a causal relationship between IT (Information Technology) management maturity and IT effects for enterprises in Akita prefecture of Japan. This study generates a hypothesis pertaining to the causal relationship and the hypothesis is statistically tested. Enhancing business operation by utilizing IT is one of critical issues not only for a large enterprise but also for a SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise). This study provides new insight for approach
more » ... o gain business value from IT investment in local enterprises by clarifying characteristics of the relationship between IT management maturity and IT effects. Based on the previous research, this study assesses IT management maturity in local enterprises by employing seven constructs: (1) top management leadership, (2) communications, (3) outsourcing, (4) governance, (5) partnership, (6) IT skills, and (7) IT infrastructure. Similarly, seven constructs for IT effects are employed based on the previous research: (1) financial effect, (2) product and service improvement, (3) business scale enlargement, (4) business process transformation, (5) bargaining power enhancement, (6) decision-making sophistication, and (7) efficiency improvement. A mail questionnaire survey is used to gather data. The survey is conducted from mid-September to the end of October in 2012. The questionnaire is sent to 1016 persons in charge of business planning or information system. 331 complete sets of valid responses including various industry types are received. Results indicate that IT management maturity has a positive impact on IT effect. IT management maturity has relatively strong relationship with product and service improvement and bargaining power enhancement. On the other hand, in the group of enterprises whose IT management maturity is high, IT management maturity has strong relationship with decision-making sophistication and efficiency improvement. This study implies that improving IT management maturity is essential to achieve decision-making sophistication and efficiency improvement by using IT in local enterprises.
doi:10.14790/ijams.7.39 fatcat:4g237x47cvhmdnkg2kni3rpvme