Varietal Differences in the Adaptability to Warming Based on Fluctuations in the Flowering of Satsuma Mandarin

Takuo Ono, Naoto Iwasaki
2010 Horticultural Research (Japan)  
The effect of global warming on the flowering of satsuma mandarin grown in Japan was investigated in eight cultivars. In a green house that simulated a warming condition, flowers tended to bloom early and flowering periods were prolonged in all cultivars. Increase in leafless flower in the green house caused an increase in the total number of flowers compared to those in the open-field, especially in early-or very early-maturing cultivars. The ratio of the starch concentration to total
more » ... n to total carbohydrates of the roots positively correlated with the number of leafless flowers, and negatively correlated with the number of leafy flowers. Abscisic acid (ABA) concentration in the leaf during winter correlated positively in all cultivars with the number of leafless flowers or the percentage of leafless flowers to total number of bud burst and was further emphasized by increased ABA from Oct. till Dec. or Jan. These findings suggested that global warming may increase leafless flowers, but decrease leafy flowers in satsuma mandarin grown in the main production areas in Japan, especially in early-or very early-maturing cultivars. Key Words:abscisic acid, carbohydrate, global warming, leafless flower, leafy flower キーワード:アブシジン酸,地球温暖化,直花,炭水化物,有葉花 緒 言 近年,地球的規模の環境変動が危惧されるようになり, 日本においても温暖化の影響による現象が指摘されること も多くなった.IPCC(気候変動に関する政府間パネル)の 第 4 次評価報告書(IPCC, 2007)の中で,地球の平均地上
doi:10.2503/hrj.9.143 fatcat:cno2zn3uafcn5pcaz47f7i75ky