Magnetic nanoparticles as a tool for the immobilization/stabilization of hydrolases and their applications: An overview

Qayyum Husain
Magnetic nanoparticles due to their unique properties have emerged as an excellent support for the immobilization/stabilization of enzymes. Various kinds of required modifications in magnetic nanoparticles have been made in order to use them for immobilization of enzymes, hydrolases. Most of the magnetic nanoparticles bound hydrolases exhibited significantly very high stability towards heat, pH and other kinds of denaturants. Hydrolases immobilized on magnetic nanoparticles were found more
more » ... tant to denaturation mediated by organic solvents and less inhibitory to their specific inhibitors compared to free enzymes. Enzymes immobilized on magnetic supports have obtained remarkably high operational stability and maintained good activity even after several repeated uses in batch processes. Enzymes from varying subclasses of hydrolases have successfully been immobilized on the surface of modified and unmodified magnetic nanoparticles or entrapped within the network of polymeric support containing magnetic nanoparticles. In this manuscript an effort has been done to review latest literature in the area of research. The magnetic nanoparticles bound enzymes have independently been used in various fields such as biomedical, biotechnological, environmental, bioanalysis, therapeutic and several other applications.