The Second Law from Locally Maximal Entropy Generation Quantum Dynamics

Gian Paolo Beretta, Gian Paolo Beretta, Ahmed Ghoniem, George Hatsopoulos
2008 AIP Conference Proceedings  
First, we briefly address the questions: "Is entropydefined for non-equilibrium states?" and "Is entropyanintrinsic property of matter?". Then, we focus on: "Is irreversibility an intrinsic feature of microscopic dynamics?" We answer this question by discussing the structure and main features of the nonlinear evolution equation proposed by this author to capture precisely howt he essence of the Second LawofThermodynamics could be embedded at the most fundamental levelof description, i.e., the
more » ... iption, i.e., the quantum level. The nonlinear equation generates adynamical group providing aunique deterministic description of irreversible, conservative relaxation towards equilibrium from anynon-equilibrium state, following alocally constrained, steepest entropyascent, maximal entropy generation path. The Hatsopoulos-Keenan statement of the Second Lawe merges as ag eneral theorem about the Lyapunovstability of the equilibrium states of the proposed evolution equation. An appendix givesmathematical details and outlines other important theorems.
doi:10.1063/1.2979025 fatcat:ldcp4kknfvaq7pxkgyoapdft5y