Morphological and physiological characterization and biomass production of Burkholderia pyrrocinia (BRM 32113) / Caracterização morfológica e fisiológica e produção de biomassa de Burkholderia pyrrocinia (BRM 32113)

Marina Teixeira Arriel Elias, Maythsulene Inácio de Sousa Oliveira, Gustavo Andrade Bezerra, Marcio Vinicius de Carvalho Barros Côrtes, Marta Cristina Corsi De Filippi
2021 Brazilian Journal of Development  
We aimed to evaluate the viability of agroindustry residues for Burkholderia pyrrocinia (BRM32113) biomass production. BRM32113 was morphological and physiologically characterized; carbon: nitrogen ratio, optimal pH and osmotic conditions were determined and carbon sources profile analyzed. Biomass production was tested with glycerol, molasses, and rice brain, and quantification was obtained by counting colony-forming Brazilian Journal of Development
doi:10.34117/bjdv7n4-529 fatcat:7lz3qklffvfeze7zue3lmgpvw4