The Correlation of Weight and Blood Cholesterol Levels of White Rat (Rattus Norvegicus) with High-Fat Diet

Thatit Nurmawati
2016 Jurnal Ners dan Kebidanan (Journal of Ners and Midwifery)  
Cholesterol is an essential substance for the body. The role of cholesterol as material hormones,cell membranare needed by the body. This conditionchanges into a distrubtion if the cholesterollevels in the blood increase. Weight becomes one of this trigger. The consumption of high-fat foodsincrease weight which resulting in the increase of cholesterol cases. The purpose of this study was todetermine the level of correlations between weight and cholesterol levels after being given a
more » ... iven a high-fatdiet.The study used rats (Rattus norvegicus) sex male, 16 rats with age between 1-2 months. Rats weightrange between 100-150 gr and in healthy conditions. The giving of high-fat diet were in the form ofchicken feed, duck eggs, goat oil, lard and flour for 8 weeks. The data measurement done by scales andmeasuringcholesterol levels through the end of the tail by means of easy touch. The data analysis weredone to understand level of correlation between variables. The presentation of the data used tables. Theresults showed body weight of rats did not change after administration of a high-fat diet. The cholesterolslevels of the subjects were high. Theadministration of high-fat diet from egg yolk dan goat oilcouldincrease the level of cholesterol. There was a correlation between weight and cholesterol levels afterbeing given a high-fat diet (p <0.5). It was needed to repeatthe measurements to determine changes incholesterol levels and other factors that affect thigh blood to cholesterol levels.
doi:10.26699/ fatcat:6nivalxfgvbdrbzheicenijshi