M. Sharaf
2010 Journal of Food and Dairy Sciences  
New different products from cantaloupe, peach and apricot either alone or blends of them with different ratio were prepared and dehydrated in sheet form. The effect of dehydration and storage for 9 months at ambient temperature, on chemical, microbiological and sensory characteristics were evaluated. The results showed that, dehydration process caused to increase of reducing sugars and acidity while total sugars, non reducing sugars, protein, ascorbic acid and carotenoids were decreased. Ether
more » ... e decreased. Ether extract, ash and fiber contents were not changed. During storage, the moisture content, acidity and reducing sugars were increased gradually but other tested compounds were negligibly affected. For mineral contents, the cantaloupe sheet had the highest Na, K, Mg and Zn contents while apricot sheet had the highest for Ca and Fe content, while the highest P content was obtained by peach sheet. The total bacterial count (TBC) decreased gradually during storage and all samples were freedom from mold and yeast growth after drying and storage. For sensory evaluation, all samples were accepted by the panelists after 9 months of storage. Generally, blending cantaloupe with apricot or peach improving the sensory parameters for produced sheets.
doi:10.21608/jfds.2010.82493 fatcat:ts7ws64vq5hlvntkebc27naawy