Skull fracture and cephalhematoma in a newborn--a case report
Prijelom lubanjskih kostiju i kefalhematom u novorodenceta--prikaz bolesnika

Zora Zakanj
2014 Liječnički vjesnik  
Skull fractures and cephalhematoma in newborns belong to the group of birth injuries of the head and neck, accounting for 11.4 to 15% of the total number of birth injuries. We presented a fracture of the parietal bones in a newborn, associated with parietal cephalhematoma. The newborn had transient and mild neurological symptoms: vomiting and changes in muscle tone. Clinical examination confirmed a positive "ping-pong" phenomen, craniogram confirmed the fracture of parietal bones and shown
more » ... ones and shown cephalhematoma, as well as ultrasound (US) examinations of the brain showed peri-interventricular bleeding grade II. After the disappearance of all clinical symptoms in a newborn, we observed total bone healing at the end of the second week of life, and good perinatal outcome. Successful recovery from injury contributes to the ability of rapid bone modeling and remodeling, and brain plasticity. Further interdisciplinary monitoring is very important.
pmid:25647994 fatcat:ele4gwu4xnfs7dewh23dvmi7bm