Encryption and Information Network

Daegene Song
2018 NeuroQuantology  
Universal grammar assumes the existence of an innate structure common to all human languages. As with secret keys shared by two parties in cryptography, the innateness of language may be related to the continuity of language that both parties share. In other words, discrete language alone cannot construct continuous semantics, which therefore implies the innateness of continuity as proposed in universal grammar. This is also seen in the unique capacity to communicate quantum information, which
more » ... information, which contains continuity, using discrete language. On the other hand, ever since the development of quantum theory, its probabilistic nature during the measurement process has been debated, particularly by using the phenomenon of entanglement and nonlocality. Since a number of practical applications of quantum theory have been introduced more recently, various techniques of manipulating entanglement have been examined. In particular, it has been noted that for a given chain of non-maximal correlations, there exists a class of coefficients such that entanglement swapping yields the optimal result, namely the weakest link in the chain. A numerical comparison between the general coefficients and the optimal nonmaximal states in the case of four and five 2-level entanglement is also provided.
doi:10.14704/nq.2018.16.5.1261 fatcat:52lk56ve3bdupoycaio7izvsei