Use of Knowledge Base for Improving Equipment for Preparatory Works in Forest Areas (By Example of Increment Borer and Tree Caliper)

2019 International journal of recent technology and engineering  
The forest complex of the Russian Federation undergoes a transition from extensive model of harvesting and forestry to the intensive one. Such a transition requires a quality forest and technological preparation of forest areas for logging operations. The key basic material for such preparation is the assessment of qualitative and quantitative indicators of stands of forest resources of forest enterprises, which includes the assessment of stand age structure, growth course of different wood
more » ... ies, stand qualitative structure and a number of other inventory indicators. The need to enhance the quality of forest and technological preparation of forest areas necessitates the raise of requirements for inventory instruments. In this regards, over the last years there has been increased attention of researchers and developers to the elaboration of existing and development of new types of inventory instruments. Their development based on the fundamentally new patented technological and technical solutions which is the principal indicator of the level of these intellectual property objects. The authors develop the patentable objects of intellectual property on the basis of methodology of functional and technological analysis and synthesis of new technical solutions applying the built knowledge bases on improved or newly created objects of technology based on the expanded patent-information search. Considering the example of inventory instruments (increment borers and tree caliper), the effectiveness of knowledge base use with application of the functional and technological analysis as
doi:10.35940/ijrte.b1098.0982s1019 fatcat:qh2ylnnw2rhl3bl575iydmiheq