The Portuguese Agrifood Traditional Products: main constraints and challenges

Isabel Rodrigo, Artur Cristóvão, Manuel Luís Tibério, Alberto Baptista, Lara Maggione, Miguel Pires
2015 Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural  
Although Portugal registers a large number of protected brand names, its economic turnover is very low when compared to the other southern EU-Member States. To identify and analyze the main reasons of this weak economic significance of the Portuguese quality traditional agrifood products are the main goals of this paper. The main conclusions from the data gathered in step one of the research, which main goal was to understand the main reasons why agricultural firms do not adhere to the PDO/PGI
more » ... ood systems, are related with several issues, namely: the economic and transactions costs of certification, the heavy bureaucracy related to the certification process, the small difference in prices between PDO/PGI products and standard products, within the same reference market, and the preferences of Portuguese consumers. According to the respondents, Portuguese consumers do not know nor socially valorize PDO/PGI products, and privilege (i) traditional/local standard products, instead of PDO/ 1. Study developed under the Rural Natework Project "Observatório de sistemas de produção localizados e valorização de produtos locais; Identificação, análise e divulgação de boas práticas de comercialização e valorização de produtos agro-alimentares tradicionais" (PNRR: PA 0400157-58-59).
doi:10.1590/1234-56781806-94790053s01002 fatcat:vseizzhlr5huzepa6nmiqzwxge